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RFTaxi rates and flat rates

Payment options by RFTaxi

- cash
- Maestro (EC)
- postcard
- master card
- visas
- dinners
- American Express (AMEX)
- RF Taxi .prepaid Card
- RF Taxi .bonus Card
- Reka Card
- Reka Check
- Tixi Taxi Bon's
Akzeptanz von Schweizer Franken
Euro akzeptanz bei RFTaxi
RF Taxi Rates
ground tax

CHF 5.00
up to CHF 20.00
CHF 3.80 / km
from CHF 20.01
CHF 3.50 / km
waiting time

CHF 66.00 / hrs.

Auf Anfrage
Hand luggage and animals

Booster seats for children

Maxi-Cosi Seat

All prices incl. 7.7% VAT
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Trips on account are possible with us for:

- school trips
- patient transports
- accident transports
- corporate clients
- medical shipments
- courier services

In any case, prior consent must be obtained from us.

Cheaper driving as RFTaxi customer

Gutschein Möglichkeit von RF Taxi
RFTaxi customers have the possibility to travel cheaper with us.
In total you save up to 15% discount!

How can you save?

The greatest savings potential can be obtained if you treat yourself to a prepaid card (voucher) from RF Taxi. With each recharge you get 10% extra for free. In addition, we generally drive you 5% cheaper than the standard city of Lucerne taxi rate, so you have a total savings potential of 15%! You can order the voucher online if you would like to pay directly via credit card or invoice. The voucher will be charged after receipt of payment (with invoice). With credit card payment you will receive the voucher immediately by mail, of course already charged.

You don't want a value card (voucher), no problem, for frequent drivers or occasional users who also want to save and pay the taxi cash or the above mentioned payment options (except Tixi Taxi Bon's) have the possibility to order a bonus card. You give the bonus card to the driver, the card is briefly pulled through the terminal and you receive 5% cashback on the card. Best of all, you decide yourself when you want to redeem the amount. You receive the card completely free of charge on order! This means you save 10% with the 5% cashback and 5% cheaper rates such as the official City of Lucerne taxi rate combined.

A combination of this offer is not possible.

Flat-rate tours Examples

fromtoflate - Rate CHF
LucerneZurich Airport170.00
LucerneZurich City130.00
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