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Sightseeing trips

We offer various interesting sightseeing tours throughout Switzerland and abroad.
We have listed some examples here if your desired destination is not available,
give us a call or send us a message, so that we can make you an interesting offer.
sample drives:
Rhine Falls Schaffhausen incl. 1 hour stay
600.00 SFr.
Zurich City incl. 2 hours stay
310.00 SFr.
Interlaken incl. 2 hours stay
370.00 SFr.
Swiss miniature incl. 5 hours stay
900.00 SFr.
Technorama Winterthur incl. 5 hours stay
600.00 SFr.
hourly rate
hour (s)free Kmpriceafter free km
130  85.00 SFr.2.80 SFr.
250140.00 SFr.2.80 SFr.
380230.00 SFr.2.80 SFr.
4110310.00 SFr.2.80 SFr.
5150420.00 SFr.2.80 SFr.
6180510.00 SFr.2.80 SFr.
7210600.00 SFr.2.80 SFr.
8240670.00 SFr.2.80 SFr.
9270760.00 SFr.2.80 SFr.
10300850.00 SFr.2.80 SFr.
For the sightseeing tours, taxis or 7 seat van are used. Do you have a larger group of more than 7 people? No problem, contact us to receive an individual offer or have a look at our day trips / day tours, which we carry out with our minibus up to 13 people.
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