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RF Taxi brings school children and small passengers safely and sheltered to their destination.

Specially for our school children's taxi we have raised seats in every vehicle, so that our little guests arrive safely at their destination.

We drive and accompany your child(s) to school, kindergarten, training or another destination. We coordinate individual or series runs together with you.
The advantage of RF Taxi is that the student taxi or children's taxi is exactly what you want.

If your child is an open-minded person, he or she can deal well with strangers, then one of our employees will carry out the journey.

If your child is rather a closed person, hardly accustomed to strangers, we will of course coordinate this in consultation with you in such a way that as a rule over 90% of the journeys are carried out by the same driver.

Once your child(s) arrived at their destination, we will send you a message of your choice.

The costs for safety and care are low. Ask for a quotation without obligation.
RF Taxi Schüler- und Kinderfahrten

How to pay at student / children taxi

You will receive a detailed monthly invoice so that our small passengers do not have to keep cash ready for the taxi ride.

The fares for children / school trips are usually adjusted and have a separate rate.
RF Taxi Sitzerhöhung für unsere kleinen Fahrgäste

RF Taxi is aware of the responsibility of children / student taxi

We at RF Taxi are aware of the safety precautions taken by students and children.
Our vehicles are equipped with seat boosters for older children.
Another special and very important point is that our little passenger is picked up by a well-known taxi driver whenever possible.
We ensure to over 90% that the same driver always drives to the school of the appropriate pick-up place, so that you as parents as well as your child(s), have a safe feeling.

It should be noted that we unfortunately cannot exert any influence on diseases and therefore cannot make a 100% promise.

By reservation at least 30 minutes before departure, we equip for our very young passengers our vehicles with Maxi-Cosi sit.

A simple booster seat for older children is available in each of our vehicles.

RF Taxi Maxi Cosi Sitz

Which vehicles are used as student taxis / children's taxis?

All our vehicles can be used as pupils or children's taxis.
All taxis comply with safety regulations, are equipped with seat boosters and are absolutely smoke-free.
The vehicles are modern and fully air-conditioned.

Rauchverbot in Fahreugen
Our promise to you
Would you like to use the student taxi or children taxi for school trips, day care center or training trips,
you can be sure that we will work out the best possibility together with you.
This also includes that before we start with your order or permanent order, we get in touch with you, make an appointment to discuss this with you on site.

There will also be the responsible driver fuse who will take care of the child. Getting to know each other can now take place in a familiar environment for your child!

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